NVE supervises using the energy-labelling scheme for buildings and energy assessment for technical facilities.

At www.energimerking.no, you can log on to the energy labelling system, where you can fill in data about the house or building to obtain an energy certificate. Here you will also find information on how to energy label your house or building – and to energy assess technical facilities.

  • Enova Svarer is the contact service for questions and error messages
  • Enova Svarer can give you guidance about the arrangements for users
  • NVE will continue to be responsible of supervising compliance with regulations

For all buildings and housing sold or rented, the energy certificate shall be used in the marketing. Nonresidential buildings bigger than 1000 m2 must always have a valid energy certificate. For boiler plants and heating systems based on fossil fuels and for air conditioners, energy assessments needs to be conducted every four years.

The energy-labelling scheme was implemented on July, 1st 2010 based on the EU’s Building energy directive. From that date, energy certificates became mandatory for all housing and nonresidential buildings sold or rented, and for new constructions. The purpose of these duties is to stimulate and energy efficient operations and management of buildings and facilities, and to implement measures for energy efficiency. The energy label is composed of an energy grade/character and heating character/grade. The energy label gives the market an assessment of the building or housing’s energy standard.

Market surveillance of buildings using the energy-labeling scheme

The requirements to energy label buildings and energy assess technical facilities is permitted by the Energy Law Chapter 8 and established in the Energy Labelling Regulations for Buildings.

NVE has the responsibility of supervising using the energy-labelling scheme. This means that NVE will conduct a yearly control to verify that mandatory energy labelling and energy assessment of technical facilities is completed. For a selection of buildings where energy labelling is completed and/or energy assessed, NVE will control that it is completed in accordance with the energy labelling regulations for buildings. The duty to follow the regulations lies with the owner of the building. NVE has permission to impose rectification for eventual violations of the regulation, and to impose compulsion if the order of rectification are not followed.