Workshop - Drainage of large rockslides

Oslo 30-31th of January 2017

Place: The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

Seminar drenering av store ustabile fjellparti er avsluttet. Denne ble avholdt på M29 (NVEs hovedkontor, Oslo) 30.-31.januar-17, hvor drenering av Åknes ble diskutert. Det ble et faglig godt seminar med gode diskusjoner. Tusen takk til alle bidragsytere og deltagere. Presentasjonene ligger vedlagt som pdf-linker.

Workshop - Drainage of large rockslides did take place at M29 (NVE’s headquarters, Oslo) 30.-31.st of January 2017, where drainage of Åknes was discussed. A professional workshop with important discussions for the upcoming progress. Thanks to all the contributions and participation. The presentations is avalaible as pdf-links.

Deltakere workshop / Participants workshop. Foto: NVE

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Navn/Name Firma/Company E-mail Presentasjoner/Presentations
Lars Harald Blikra NVE lab@nve.no Introduction
Lene Kristensen NVE lkr@nve.no Åknes overview and status
Thomas Stewart BC Hydro tom.stewart@bchydro.com BC Hydro Experience with Landslide Monitoring and Drainage
Davide Bertolo Regione Valle d'Aosta  bertdave@gmail.com Strategy for the deep drainage of a large rockslide: experience, results and key issues
Simon Löw ETH Zürich simon.loew@erdw.ethz.ch Hydrogeological Conditions at Åknes in a larger Alpine Framework
Guro Grøneng NGI guro.groneng@ngi.no Stability of the Åknes rock slope and the influence of water
Guri Venvik Ganerød NGU guri.venvik.ganerod@ngu.no Åknes geological model and challenges related to hydrological conditions
Jan Steinar Rønning NGU jan.ronning@ngu.no Ground and borehole geophysical measurements at Åknes
Walter Frei GeoExpert w.frei@geoexpert.ch Hybrid Seismic Survey with example from the Gámanjunni rock slope, Kåfjord
Kristin H Holmøy SINTEF KristinHilde.Holmoy@sintef.no Geological parameters influence on groundwater flow in hard rock
Randi Kalvskin Ramstad NTNU randi.kalskin.ramstad@ntnu.no Groundwater flow in rock and research activities at NTNU relevant drainage of Åknes
Michel Jaboyedoff Univ. of Lausanne Michel.Jaboyedoff@unil.ch  Structure of the Åknes rock slope - comparable to others sites with drainage?
Mario Lovisolo CSG mario.lovisolo@csgsrl.eu Experience with DMS subsurface instrumentation at Åknes and new developments
Atle Gerhardsen Cautus Geo atle@cautusgeo.com Instrumentation and measurements of water pressure
Lloyd Tunbridge NGI lloyd.tunbridge@ngi.no Hydraulic conductivity determination by Lugeon test - testing in practice
Reginald Hermanns NGU reginald.herrmanns@ngu.no Photogrammetry and UAV