Workshop - Drainage of large rockslides

Oslo 30-31th of January 2017

Place: The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

Seminar drenering av store ustabile fjellparti er avsluttet. Denne ble avholdt på M29 (NVEs hovedkontor, Oslo) 30.-31.januar-17, hvor drenering av Åknes ble diskutert. Det ble et faglig godt seminar med gode diskusjoner. Tusen takk til alle bidragsytere og deltagere. Presentasjonene ligger vedlagt som pdf-linker.

Workshop - Drainage of large rockslides did take place at M29 (NVE’s headquarters, Oslo) of January 2017, where drainage of Åknes was discussed. A professional workshop with important discussions for the upcoming progress. Thanks to all the contributions and participation. The presentations is avalaible as pdf-links.

Deltakere workshop / Participants workshop. Foto: NVE

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Navn/Name Firma/Company E-mail Presentasjoner/Presentations
Lars Harald Blikra NVE Introduction
Lene Kristensen NVE Åknes overview and status
Thomas Stewart BC Hydro BC Hydro Experience with Landslide Monitoring and Drainage
Davide Bertolo Regione Valle d'Aosta Strategy for the deep drainage of a large rockslide: experience, results and key issues
Simon Löw ETH Zürich Hydrogeological Conditions at Åknes in a larger Alpine Framework
Guro Grøneng NGI Stability of the Åknes rock slope and the influence of water
Guri Venvik Ganerød NGU Åknes geological model and challenges related to hydrological conditions
Jan Steinar Rønning NGU Ground and borehole geophysical measurements at Åknes
Walter Frei GeoExpert Hybrid Seismic Survey with example from the Gámanjunni rock slope, Kåfjord
Kristin H Holmøy SINTEF Geological parameters influence on groundwater flow in hard rock
Randi Kalvskin Ramstad NTNU Groundwater flow in rock and research activities at NTNU relevant drainage of Åknes
Michel Jaboyedoff Univ. of Lausanne  Structure of the Åknes rock slope - comparable to others sites with drainage?
Mario Lovisolo CSG Experience with DMS subsurface instrumentation at Åknes and new developments
Atle Gerhardsen Cautus Geo Instrumentation and measurements of water pressure
Lloyd Tunbridge NGI Hydraulic conductivity determination by Lugeon test - testing in practice
Reginald Hermanns NGU Photogrammetry and UAV