Publisert 12.03.2019 , sist oppdatert 27.05.2019


SenDiT toolbox

Here you can download SenDiT (Sentinel-2 Displacement Toolbox) with application to glacier surface velocities. If you use the toolbox for research or other purposes, please cite Nagy et al. (2019) in any publications. Please refer to License.txt file for full reference and license details. To start with the toolbox, please follow instructions in the 00_readme.txt file. Download SenDiT

SenDiT is a semi-automatic, open-source, flexible processing toolbox for retrieval of displacement maps with application to obtaining glacier surface velocities. SenDiT combines the download, pre-processing, feature tracking, and postprocessing of highest resolution Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B satellite images into a semi-automatic toolbox, leaving a user with a set of rasterized and georeferenced glacier flow magnitude and direction maps for further analyses. The solution is freely available and is tailored so that non-glaciologists and people with limited GIS knowledge can also benefit from it.

SenDiT is developed by Teodor Nagy. Contact teon'at' with any questions on the tool functionality.


Download SendDiT:

Current version:

SenDiT_v1_3  (uploaded 8 April 2019)


Previous versions: 

SenDiT    (uploaded 6 march 2019)         


Nagy, T., Andreassen, L. M., Duller, R. A. and Gonzalez, P. J. 2019. SenDiT: A Sentinel-2 Displacement Toolbox with application to glacier surface velocities.Remote Sensing, 11, 1151. (pdf)