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Glacier data

This page gives an overview of glacier data and glacier applications provided by NVE. When using data or figures from the services, please cite them correctly, e.g. "Source: NVE". When using pictures from the services, please provide the name of the photographer, e.g. Photo: <name photographer>. For questions or comments, please send an email to bre'at'

Mass balance, length change and area
View and download data and plots for selected glaciers in Norway. The data source for mass balance and length change data is NVE's database. Area is derived from maps and satellite data for these glaciers.

Photos of glaciers
View photos of selected glaciers in Norway. The earliest photos are from 1869. The number of photos, the photo angle, view and line of sight are not consistent. For each glacier it is possible to see two photos that show similar views of the glacier in different years. The source of the photos is mainly NVE's archive, with contributions from external collaborators.

Glacier lake outburst floods
Overview of registered glacier lake outburst floods in mainland Norway. Information about registered events are given as well as photos of the affected glaciers.

Glacier velocity
NVE has started to map surface velocity using optical imagery from Sentinel-2 for a selection of glaciers in Norway. This first dataset gives velocity data for Nigardsbreen, Tunsbegdalsbreen, Engabreen and Rembesdalskåka.

Download velocity data as a zipped file:

NVE 2019. Glacier velocity data. version 1.0. Copernicus Glacier Service/Copernicus bretjeneste. Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Oslo, Norway.

Glacier outlines
NVE has mapped all glaciers in Norway using Landsat imagery from 1999-2006 and 1988-1997 and topographical maps from 1952-1985 (Andreassen et al., 2012; Winsvold et al; 2014). The glacier outlines can be downloaded as zipped files: 

Outlines 1999-2006 (Landsat), outlines 1988-1997 (Landsat), outlines 1952-1985 (digitaliserte kart), outlines 1895-1907 (Gradteigskart Finnmark).

Reference: When using the outlines, please refer to:
- Andreassen, L.M., and Winsvold, S.H. (eds.), 2012: Inventory of Norwegian glaciers. NVE Rapport 38, Norges Vassdrags- og energidirektorat, 236 s. (pdf)
- Winsvold, S.H., L.M. Andreassen and C. Kienholz. 2014. Glacier area and length changes in Norway from repeat inventories. The Cryosphere, 8, 1885-1903. (pdf)

Ice thickness data

Since the 1980s, ice thickness measurements have been carried out by radioecho sounding on many glaciers in Norway. An overiew of the measurements is given in the scientific paper 'Ice thickness measurements and volume estimates for glaciers in Norway. Journal of Glaciology 61(228) DOI: 10.3189/2015JoG14J161'.

Some of the data can be viewed in NVEs breatlas. (zoom in on a region, choose Kartlag (map layer) and tick Istykkelse (ice thickness). This point thickness dataset is available for download.

Download ice thickness data as a zipped file:

NVE, 2018. Ice thickness data. Version 2.0. Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Oslo, Norway.

The applications listed here are developed by NVE as part of the CryoClim project. Glacier velocity data are derived in the Copernicus Glacier Service project. For questions or photo requests please contact NVE by sending an email to