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Gråsubreen on 8th August 2014. Photo: Liss M. Andreassen

Gråsubreen (61 ° 39 'N, 8 ° 37'E) (now written with an -an ending on official maps: Gråsubrean) is located on the northeastern side of the glittertind mountain in Jotunheimen, and is the highest glacier in Norway, extending from 1833 to 2283 m. Gråsubreen is a continental and partly cold glacier.

Gråsubreen has an area of 2.1 km² from the last survey from 2009. The glacier has little movement and minimal crevassing. Superimposed ice constitute up to 8% of the winter balance in the central parts where the snowdrift causes a thin snow pack.

Mass balance
Mass balance measurements were started in 1962, and have been running continuously since then. Gråsubreen is one of the most continental glaciers in Norway. Therefore, the summer balance has a greater significance for the net balance than on the maritime glaciers. The mass balance results of Gråsubreen are published in the series 'Glaciological Investigations in Norway'. The results can be viewed and downloaded from NVEs glacier data portal

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