Publisert 26.09.2018

Looking for glacier photos

Part of Grovabreen, glacier ID 2119, 16. August 2018. Photo: Rønnaug S. Sægrov Mysterud.

We need a good overview of imagery of glacier tongues for our glacier photo archive. We want to have imagery of as many glaciers in Norway as possible. In addition, we want to document the earlier condition of glaciers, especially prior to 1990. If you have good overview photos of glacier fronts that you wish to share with us, please send them to:

As digital photos:

Paper copies or slide (for us to scan and return): NVE-HB, Postboks 5091 Majorstua, NO-0301 OSLO, Norway

Please provide the following information:

- Photographer

- Date (as close as possible – e.g. 1970, autumn 1970, October 1970, early October 1970, 8. October 1970)

- Region and glacier name (e.g. Skjomen – nameless glacier north of Storsteinsfjellet). If possible lease give the Glacier ID as given in NVE's glacier atlas (online map) or in the Glacier inventory book. E.g. GlacierID 664 for glacier north of Storsteinsfjellet in Skjomen.

Conditions of use

The name of the photographer will follow the image. Submitted photos will be stored in NVE’s digital archive, and can be used freely in publications when the photographer is cited.

Data on is licensed under the Norwegian Licence for Public data [Norsk lisens for offentlige data (NLOD)] which is compatible with CC Attribution 3.0 Norge (CC BY 3.0). Licence text can be found at and

NVE may share selected imagery with the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in their digital archive 'The Glacier Photograph Collection'. The photographer will be credited if their photo is used.