The international symposium on Glaciology in High Mountain Asia was held 1–6 March 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The following contributions were presented by the INDICE groups:

Workpackage 2:
1. Jitendra Kumar Meher et al.: Statistically Downscaled Annual Precipitation of CMIP3 GCMs over the lower Western Himalayas of India
2. Dr. Lalu Das et al.: Improvement of downscaling results over the IPCC’s different assessments reports at high altitude station locations in the Western Himalayan Region of India
3. Monami Dutta et al.: Past and future warming over the Western Himalayan Region of India: An empirical statistical downscaling approach
4. Dr. Abdelkader Mezghani &  Dr. Rasmus Benestad: An R-package designed for climate and weather data analysis, empirical-statistical downscaling, and visualisation

Workpackage 3:
1. Dr. Pratima Pandey: Study of spatial variation in elevation change of glaciers of Chandra – Bhaga basin using differential SAR interferometry 
2. Prof. AL Ramanathan: Factors controlling meltwater discharge of Chhota Shigri Glacier, Himachal Pradesh, India

Workpackage 4:
1. Shailly Jaiswal et al.: Analysis of baseline scenario for socio-economic impact assessment due to variability in melt water