Publisert 27.01.2016 , sist oppdatert 11.09.2016

Project summary

The overall aim of the project is to understand the impact of climate change on cryospheric contribution to rivers in western Himalaya and the subsequent impact on water resource availability and socio-economic status of the local community.


Another important objective is in accordance with the INDNOR programme core objective: to promote research cooperation with India and provide a cohesive framework for research initiatives targeting India. The basic framework of the proposal promotes development of shared understanding among researchers from two countries. Bringing together key institutions in Norway and India in the fields of meteorology, hydrology and the cryosphere is considered fundamental to the success of the project.

The cryospheric contribution to rivers in western Himalaya plays a significant role in water resource availability. Changes in climate in these regions lead to significant impacts on the socio-economic status of the local community in western Himalaya, and probably also to those at greater distances, but the magnitude and reaction time of these changes are poorly understood. There is a need to understand the physical processes behind these impacts and the socio-economic impact assessment in the region. The work proposed in INDICE addresses these needs. The work is structured into four main themes (workpackages).

Workpackage 0: Project management & dissemination
Workpackage 1: Climate modelling
Workpackage 2: Empirical statistical downscaling and statistical analyses
Workpackage 3: Field investigations
Workpackage 4: Socio-economic impact assessment