Publisert 20.01.2016 , sist oppdatert 14.05.2019

Map services

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NVE's geodata are open to the public. Use our download service to get a copy of data sets to your own device, or connect by using our WMS services.

Geodata on are distributed according to Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD).

NVE's thematic geodata and databases listed below, may be interactively accessed from our map tool websites or accessed through our web map services (WMS). From our download service most of the data are available on several formats.


The lake database (lakes larger than 2500 m²) Map tool

The river network database (ELVIS) Map tool

The catchment database (REGINE) Map tool Read more

The glacier database Download not available. Map tool Read more

Hydrological data; gauging stations (discharge, water level, ground water level etc.) and run-off map layer  ► Map tool Read more

Waterbodies (as defined in the EU Water Framework Directive). Download not available ► Map tool

Snow and climate (1x1-km² grid). Download not available. ► Map tool



Wind resources (1x1-km² grid)  Map tool



Hydropower plants (built/planned/applied for), including waterways (tunnel, canal, pipeline), dams, reservoirs and catchment draining to water intake ► Map tool

Wind power plants (built/planned/applied for) ► Map tool

Power lines (high voltage network), including transformers, submarine cables and pylons (incomplete) ► Map tool



Embankments; flood and erosion protection ► Map tool



Protection plan for river systems ► Map tool



Quick clay zones (hazard and risk map) ► Map tool

Flood and inundation (hazard map (local areas), susceptibility map) ► Map tool

Avalanche (susceptibility map) ► Map tool

Debris flow/landslide (susceptibility map) ► Map tool

Rock fall (susceptibility map) ► Map tool


Rock fall (hazard map) ► Map tool

Rockslide (hazard map) ► Map tool

Landslide and avalanche events ► Map tool