Publisert 07.03.2016 , sist oppdatert 21.10.2016

Map Tools

The Map Catalogue from NVE (in Norwegian only) contains simple "zoom in and click" maps, links to NVE's map services, WMS (Web Map Service), metadata and our free geodata download service.

NVE's Map Tools

NVE Atlas (in Norwegian only): NVE's main map tool on the Web, contains most of NVE's thematic geodata. Examples: Catchments, lakes, rivers, annual runoff, embankments, areas proned to flood, hydro power plants, wind power plants, hydrological gauging stations, bathymetric maps for about 600 lakes.


xGeo is an expert tool used for preparedness, monitoring and forecasting of floods, landslides and avalanches. With maps and time base compiled data from stations and models with events and field observations. 
Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Norwegian National Rail Administration, in cooperation with NVE and have developed xGeo.



seNorge displays daily updated maps of snow, weather and water conditions and climate in Norway.
Daily maps are available from 1957 to the present, based on observed and interpolated temperature and precipitation. In addition, the map service includes a 9 days forecasts. Open when using a mobile device.
seNorge is developed by and NVE. You will find more information about how the snow and weather data are produced for and here.


NEVINA (in Norwegian only): An interactive map tool which allows the user to calculate catchments, field parameters, climatic parameters and flow indexes for a freely chosen point along the Norwegian river system network. 


Vann-Nett (water management system): Map tool established to support Norway's work related to the European Water Framework Directive. The map service is open to the public, while the Norwegian water management may log on and register environmental information for the water bodies.

Contact (in Norwegian only), NVE's map tool for registration of information related to land slides and avalanches. The information is stored in the National landslide database (skredhendelsesdatabasen), available in the our "zoom in and click map" and in NVE Atlas. The service may be used in combination with the registration app regObs. A complete registration may be carried out in, or: The first step may be done in the regObs app, then continued in To register information: Login with your regObs username and password.

regObs (in Norwegian only) is an website, and an app, for collecting snow, soil, ice and water observations. To register an observation the user has to login with username and password. The data, which are used by the The Norwegian Avalanche Centre, are open to the public. 
Registrations made in regObs are available in where additional information may be added.

Contact (ice map) (in Norwegian only): A map tool providing lake ice observations, web cameras overlooking ice, lake ice accidents and hazard locations due to hydro power plants. Ice observations registered in regObs (open to the public) are displayed in
NB: The ice observations may contain errors and are single point observations only.